INFAMY: Episode Two |

by GPOMarlon2717750389 posted May 31, 2022


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This is a lot of words - "a whole collection of expository thoughts" if you will - to acknowledge that the behavior is abusive, but when you don’t like the person on the receiving end, it’s ok. Did that warrant a whole collection of thoughts? The tattooed beauty feigns going for another strike with her knee and instead she lunges in low, grabbing at Chelsea's legs, but the more experienced wrestler sees the feint for what it is and grabs Eden's arm as she's coming in, suddenly leaving her feet and twisting around to scissor her legs around the caught limb and flip Eden onto her back and right into a Crucifix Armbar. How was she so calm right now? Meet new people and join now! Now something about me is I live in darkness. Army preferred. Prior experience with xenos and/or xenotech recommended. Gradually this feeling began to lift but if only I could give you all a little experience of what it felt like. I was shaking and near on crying, the thing is, this feeling from what I can remember lasted about half an hour, the most horrible fucked up feeling I’ve ever felt just did not go away.

My ex felt the same feeling and for that half an hour we weren’t ourselves, I knew I wasn’t and could that she wasn’t. I felt the pain, the agony. I’ve had run ins with entities and paranormal shit before but this just felt like death, death all around surrounding me, my ex and my vehicle. Everybody has a point where that shit does actually hurt. I had a shit week ending with an ER scare with my son, and that comment was the first thing I woke up to. She was already halfway done with her second glass of wine because it was the only thing she could think to do. It was the most horrible thing that’s ever happened to me. He didn’t have to give a big rah-rah, fire-up speech, because we just spent the last year going through hell. It was hell. I felt every cut and trust. The dream felt so real. I had a dream.

I'm 16 now, turning 17. I hated that dream. The riots are because of the government's who run the country. People were getting shot, chopped up, run over. These people are so draining and ridiculous. "Are we certain our counting skills are as accurate as we previously believed? Previous figures showed Facebook receives 28million hits a year and online games such as FarmVille are clicked on thousands of times a month. My family died. My 6 year old cousins were in firey pieces, my mom was burned to a crisp, my grandparents were also blown apart and on fire, my aunty was fucking getting burnt alive. It was fucking terrible. Ma'am, listen here: I don't fucking know you, you don't owe me this explanation because I don't care about you and I don't follow you. It was fucking horrible, cause I've been in HH, its horrible and the things that happen are fucking horrifying. We have never been married before and don’t really know all that much about these things.